Overnight Pet Sitting in Kennesaw, GA

2 dogs in Marietta, GA

Overnight pet sitting visits are the ultimate in-home care for your pets while you are away and can most effectively minimize the stress on your pet during your absence. They are ideal for pets who need that extra attention and care, extra bathroom breaks in the middle of the night or have separation anxiety while you are away. Your pet sitter will give them the care and concern that you would and tuck them into bed with us if that is part of their routine.

This service is a 10 hour stay starting at 9pm-7am

*No extra charge for multiple pets


In-Home visits include:

  • Fresh food and water in clean bowls
  • Pet clean ups/litter boxes cleaned
  • Petting/playtime
  • Brushing
  • Walks/potty breaks
  • Dog Poop Clean Up
  • Anxiety relief and companionship
  • Administering any needed medication
  • Mail & newspaper retrieval
  • Watering Plants
  • Alternating lights & blinds
  • Putting out Trash cans for Pickup
  • Setting Security Systems
  • Checking heating/air
  • Daily Pet Notes Texted
  • Photos & Videos will be posted on our social media pages