Your Pets and Valentine’s Day Danger & Prevention


We all LOVE giving and receiving Valentines sweets, gifts, flowers and cards. Chocolates, various edible fruit and nut arrangements, beautiful roses and other florals, gift wrappings and decorations. Our pets are definitely curious if these gifts are for them especially with their keen sense of smell. Unfortunately, each year pets become very sick and even worse we lose them due to ingesting hazardous toxins from these gifts.
Here are the top 5 things to Keep Out of Paws Rage to protect your pets:

  1. Chocolates and Candies
  2. Roses, Lilies and many other flowers
  3. Candles that are lit
  4. Decorations, bows, ribbons wrapping paper
  5. Stuffed animals not made for pets

This is a time when extra intriguing items are displayed in our living spaces which most of us share with our fur family. So be cautioned to keep the areas safe.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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