In-Home Pet Sitting vs. Boarding

Going on vacation should be a relaxing, worry-free event that is fun for the entire family.  However, all too often it can be difficult for pet parents not to fret about their fur babies when away from home. To ease anxiety, many pet owners are turning away from traditional boarding and towards in-home pet sitting in order to help pets feel more comfortable and to also put their minds at ease.


What does in-home pet sitting entail?
Typically, an in-home pet sitter will go to a person’s home 2 – 3 times per day to feed, exercise, potty, and play with a dog.  In some instances, a pet sitter may stay in the home for the entire duration of the pet owner’s vacation.  Most pet sitters also offer additional services, such as bringing in the mail, taking garbage to the curb, watering plants, and making the house look “lived in” during a long absence.


What are the advantages of in-home pet sitting?
The number one advantage of hiring a pet sitter is to allow a pet to feel more comfortable during the owner’s vacation.  Boarding facilities can be chaotic, especially for animals unused to other dogs or loud noises.  For pets that are not typically confined to a crate, being placed in a small kennel or dog run can be confusing or even traumatic, especially for dogs that have been adopted from an animal shelter.  For dogs that have canine aggression issues, a pet-sitter may be the only option.

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