What are the Most Effective Ways to Break Up a Dog Fight?

Dog fight

Body language is used by our pets as much as in humans. While around other dogs, make sure to pay attention to their communication. Oftentimes, a stiff body, direct eye contact, and dilated pupils can indicate aggression towards another dog. If you witness your dog or believe them to be showing this aggressive manner, it is important to remain calm. By preventing panic, you will be much more effective in preventing or stopping fighting dogs.

If possible, preventing the dogs fighting is the most desired outcome. It is often recommended to distract the dogs. Separating them with an object so that they cannot see each other before a fight can allow a diffusion of stress and an avoided altercation. Another possibility is throwing a towel or a large blanket over the dogs. Similarly, this method prevents the animals from seeing one another which will stop some dogs from fighting. It is also possible that spraying the pets with water can distract them enough to end the fight.

If a fight does break out that involves your dog, and you cannot distract the animals, it is recommended that you physically separate them. Make sure to keep in mind that many dogs are powerful so it is important to assess the situation and the pets’ sizes to determine what level of protection you will need to separate them and stay safe. If separating the dogs, it is best to remove them at the same time by using the top of the hind legs. Grabbing them on the lower hind legs risks serious injury. Once separated, it is important to keep the dogs from seeing one another so removal of one or both dogs is the best course of action.

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