Does your Dog’s nose look like this?

Dog’s nose

I have always wondered what this was. I often notice that some of my older fur clients have this. Even my own dog Bosley has it.  This looks like when a human gets dry, chapped lips and you know how painful that is, well this is dry, cracked skin and painful for a dog. I have seen snout balm in the pet stores. So now I know what snout balm is used for. So what causes this you ask? The weather, extreme heat or cold. Exposure to the sun can cause your dog’s nose to become sunburned. During winter the skin is prone to drying out (just like human lips do). Allergies to food, plastic water dishes or toys.  Dehydration and any medical issues such as canine skin disorders can cause dry nose. Be sure to check with your vet if your fur baby experiences this.

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