My dogs love ice cubes. How about yours?

dogs love ice cubesI recently heard some chatter that giving ice cubes or really ice cold water to our pets was not a good idea. So I did some digging and came up with the following info.

According to veterinary experts, the answer is absolutely not.

When a dog is hot and thirsty, he very likely might drink the water too fast — and swallow lots of air in the process — which can be a recipe for bloat.

Don’t Cool a Dog Off too Fast¬†–¬†Water or Otherwise

If your dog becomes overheated, it’s important to cool your dog off gradually . Dog owners should initially use a wet towel to cool off any dog suspected of heat stroke or overheating, and then gently mist them off (do not spray them or submerse them in water).

I know for a fact that my fur babies love ice cubes. When they hear my sister or I in the kitchen filling up our glasses with ice, they all come running in for their ice cube.

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