Copperhead Snakes and Your Pets

Copperhead Snakes and Your Pets

Anthony DeVingo, owner of Ever Green Landscape Management says that, “In Georgia, you’re only about 10 feet away from a snake at any given time.” Luckily, this is not a bad thing! Most of these snakes are harmless and can even be helpful. Rat snakes and corn snakes are extremely common but have no interest in harming you or your pet.

            Copperheads are the exception. While they are not likely to seek out and attack your pet, there have been increasingly prevalent cases of bitten companions. A bite may cause only swelling or pain in humans, but can be deadly in pets. The size of the bitten animal is extremely important. The smaller the pet, the more critical the situation.

If your pet experiences a copperhead bite, it is most important to get them immediately to a veterinarian who will be qualified to assess the situation and determine if the animal requires anti venom or other treatment. If in this situation, call ahead to the practice so you can be redirected if no anti venom is on hand at that office. If more than one person is present to care for the animal on the way to the veterinarian, it is recommended that they keep the animal calm to prevent a rapid heart rate that could transport venom quickly. A trained veterinarian will be able to help your pet best.


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