How Can My Dog Become More Social?

There are many different personalities that come with our best friends, but increasing their comfort can greatly impact their sociability with other dogs and people. If your dog is timid or afraid of other animals, a great place to start can be daily walks. Walking outside allows for the pet to experience new situations which creates unfamiliar situations. Once the animal is able to realize that they are safe in different situations it will allow for more comfort and trust alongside the owner. It is important to keep in mind that conditioning dogs to be social is not an immediate result. Additionally, their personality and age plays a large role in the productivity of the socializing. Puppies are often more susceptible to socializing because they are young but it is not to say that you can not teach old dogs new tricks! Socializing is a possibility as long as your animal feels safe and protected in the environments that they are being exposed to.


  1. As a pet owner, I obviously agree with you that puppies are often more susceptible to socializing. Whether you are socializing a puppy or adult dog, continuing to practice activities that encourage socialization will reinforce positive behavior throughout your pet’s life. Thanks for sharing your fantastic updates!

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